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Coalition for Quality Health Care

This grass roots organization formed by Tim Brett was created to educate local residents about the effect of a proposed merger between three hospital systems. His firm developed a strategy and organized tactics including advertising, direct mail, media relations, community relations and governmental affairs to successfully rally public opinion against the merger.

Greenville Tech’s University Center

Tim created and implemented a plan to acquire a new University Center home for Greenville Technical College. He organized and directed a team of lawyers, financial advisors, public relations professionals and governmental affairs experts to manage all aspects of the undertaking, including intense negotiations with McAlister Square’s former property owners and lobbied legislators for state funding. Greenville Technical College and the Greenville Tech Foundation were able to acquire the McAlister Square shopping center property for the new University Center. The property was retrofitted to accommodate the learning center and other retail outlets in the mall.

The University Center is a unique consortium of six different four-year universities including Clemson University, Furman University, Lander University, the University of South Carolina, the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of South Carolina Spartanburg, all of which offer advanced degrees at the University Center.

The Southern Connector

Tim Brett was a member of the team that won the bid to build the Southern Connector highway. State funds would not be available, so THE TEAM set forth a proposal that would allow business and government to work together to build needed infrastructure without using tax dollars. Private funds were raised to finance the construction of the roadway ARE BEING repaid through toll revenues. The 16-mile roadway opened to the public in February 2001, under budget and ahead of schedule. Tim continues to provide media relations, governmental affairs and other communications services for the Connector.

Spartanburg County School District Seven

In 2015, Spartanburg County School District Seven wanted to build a grassroots organization to support its request for funding a number of district improvements and expansions. Tim led the group and developed a strategic grass roots plan to build community support. It included a coordinated effort to identify voters and get them to the polls on election day. The campaign was successful and the District now has funding approval and citizen support for two new schools and the renovation of a third.

Concerned Citizens For Fair Gas Rates

The City of Gaffney wanted to purchase the local gas company and so did Piedmont Natural Gas. A referendum was scheduled so that the public could decide whether or not the City should go into the gas business. TIM organized a group of business leaders to oppose the City’s purchase and created and implemented a grassroots plan, including media relations, advertising, public opinion polls and more. The campaign increased public awareness of the upcoming referendum and explained why the City should not own and operate the gas company. The referendum was defeated.

Friends Opposing Unnecessary Landfills (FOUL)

Tim built this coalition that defeated the new landfill proposed by Waste Management in Spartanburg. This campaign involved radio, newspaper ads, direct mail and a variety of public and media relations tactics that rallied public sentiment to soundly defeat Waste Management.

“Don’t Trash Greenville” Campaign

Tim led the charge in an effort to stop North Carolina from hauling its trash to a Greenville landfill. Through his contacts in government and media, along with a paid radio campaign, Tim was successful in preventing North Carolina trash from being dumped in Greenville.

Habitat For Humanities Sales Tax Exemption

Tim developed a grass roots strategy with Habitat’s South Carolina affiliates to buy construction materials for home construction projects without paying state sales tax on those materials. Statewide legislation was passed to create the exemption.

Greenville Health System’s New Medical School

Against significant political opposition, Tim leveraged his connections to help GHS secure approval for a new medical school in Greenville.