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What is BrettSC?

Technically speaking, it is a Greenville, SC public relations firm that specializes in strategy development, message creation and campaign management for governmental affairs efforts, grassroots causes, community improvement projects and crisis communications. In a recent news article, it was referred to as “a company often hired by those looking to get the public to buy in.”

But when you examine it closely, BrettSC is the embodiment of owner and president Tim Brett. A devoted family man, church and community servant and business leader for nearly 40 years, Tim knows how to get wins – very big wins – for those he helps. From local to state wide, and from political catfights to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects, Tim Brett has done it all.

When you work with Tim, you are instantly connected to an extensive list of contacts on the local, state and federal level. Having run numerous local and statewide campaigns, Tim has considerable experience in creating and managing high-profile communications plans that move public opinion.

When Should You Call Tim Brett?


When politics is involved

When you need to move fast and hit hard

When there is something important at stake

When you want to rally public opinion and support for an issue

When you have a public relations issue you need resolved your way

Tim’s sweet spot is complicated projects and issues that have had a dramatic impact on the Upstate. From creating awareness to moving public opinion, when emotions run high and something worthwhile is at stake you want Tim in your corner.

Howell Clyborne | Vice President, GHS

Tim has a lot of savvy, what I’d call street smarts. He’s always moving to put the puzzle pieces together in a way that gets things done.

David Wilkins | Former SC Speaker of the House and Ambassador to Canada

Services We Offer

Public relations/media communications

Crisis communications

Spokesperson training

Political consulting and governmental relations

Grassroots campaign

Polling/opinion research

Capital fundraising campaigns